For users' convenience, we have answered the most important and common questions and issues regarding using the Trendo application.


Authentication in Trendo consists of two steps. In the first step, users must upload their ID. After confirming the ID, customers can benefit from Trendo's services, including deposits, withdrawals, and trading. The second step of authentication is uploading a valid address, which for withdrawals above $1000, it is required for users to confirm it.

In this step, users can upload a photo of any document, such as electricity, water, and gas bills, bank statements (e.g., deposit and withdrawal receipts with the address), or postal packages, leases, or property documents that indicate the user's address. Note that the username and the uploaded document name are the same. If the address document is in the name of one of your family members, you must send a message to Trendo support to review the matter. The document's date must be at least related to a year ago and not exceed that. Invalid documents, such as SMS photos of invoices or images from Google Maps, etc., are unacceptable by Trendo.

In Trendo, your documents will be reviewed in less than 12 hours.

Account and password recovery

Logging into Trendo is done via Email. If users forget their email address, they can contact Trendo Support and request to recover their email address by sending their identity documents.
Password recovery is done via email. To recover the password, users must log out of their Trendo account through the account settings, then they can use the "Forgot Password" option through the "Registration and Login" option and change or recover their password via email. Users must pay attention when entering their email addresses during registration.
In Trendo Broker, anyone with personal documents can have an authenticated account; If a user has forgotten his account information, he can recover the information through support.

Trendo broker application

The Trendo application can be installed on Android, IOS, and Windows devices. Trendo's Web version is also available.
Trendo Broker application operates in the financial intervals field. Users can watch tutorial videos of how to use the application from the website and the app itself.
All users can earn money by introducing Trendo to everyone via their link and referral code.
Trendo Broker has its own platform, and there is no need to use other applications for trading.

Training and analysis

Users must be trained first and enter the financial markets with sufficient knowledge to earn money from the financial markets. Users can use online training courses for financial market education.
No, Trendo company does not have a signal channel directly. But this company provides weekly fundamental analysis and symbol analysis on the website and social media to guide users in trading.
Yes, Trendo company also provides information, various tutorials, and analyses on social media.

Deposit and withdrawal

In Trendo, deposits are online and instant. Withdrawal is in less than 48 hours.
According to money laundering laws, withdrawal from the account must be through a bank account in the name of an authenticated user and the Trendo account holder.
No, the deposit and withdrawal gateways must be the same. For example, a deposit cannot be through a bank gateway and withdrawn with digital currency.