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Installing the Forex application for Android & iPhone smartphones

This article introduces the best Forex application for Android and iPhone mobiles.
Opening a Forex Account Tutorial Opening a Forex Account Tutorial

Nowadays, thanks to the advent of the Internet, the advancement of technology, and the creation of phones and tablets, and in general, with the increase in the level of Internet influence to the farthest parts of the world, Forex has become a global phenomenon and many people from all over the world have entered this market to gain profit & wealth and the number of people and traders in this market is consistently increasing. In many advanced countries, the forex market is considered one of the most reliable financial markets, and they use this market to earn more foreign currency for their establishments, companies, and institutions. It is worth mentioning that England, America, and Japan are the major centers of foreign exchange trading and have the world's most legitimate, well-known, and best brokers.

Activities in many countries, such as Australia, America, England, India, Canada, Europe, UAE, etc., are legal, and the people of these countries have easy access to Forex market trading. They can get services from good European brokers because they are not sanctioned. But in Iran for instance, due to some laws and the sanctions imposed on the country, access to the forex market is not easy and convenient, and Iranian traders cannot receive services from prominent European brokers. However, some brokers provide access to the forex market for Iranian users.

One of the best brokers is Trendo International Company, which is registered in England under the brand name TRENDO INTERNATIONAL GROUP LTD and registration number 14185682 and registered address: Unit 5, Sanford House, 81 Skipper Way, St Neots, PE19 6LT. And it operates under the supervision of England's Financial Services Commission.

Trendo Broker has a Forex application for every device and below is an explanation of the download guide.

Get Trendo for any Device

The purpose of the created applications is to provide access to Forex market trading with high speed and quality to the users because if an application has flaws, it will have irreparable consequences for the trader. And it causes capital and many losses. Therefore, it is necessary to make sure before using any application that, in addition to having the required licenses to operate in the forex market, it has high-quality & professional software that provides the user with the most up-to-date trading tools.

Our suggestion to you is the Trendo application. Because Trendo Forex Broker is the best broker, with faster and safer forex and cryptocurrency trades with the lowest commission. You can open your real or demo account easily and quickly within a few minutes. The Trendo application has attractive graphics and various features, sending trading notifications and price announcements, account management, economic calendar, instant deposit and withdrawal, and 24-hour support for Android or iOS.

Invest and trade in all kinds of world financial markets with the highest speed and lowest fees in the Trendo Application. The users can receive a $10 gift and trade in real accounts in global markets such as Forex, cryptocurrency, stocks, precious metals, oil, gas, etc., by downloading and installing the Forex Trendo broker application with easy and free registration.

To download and install the Forex application for any device, including web, ios, windows, Mac, Android, etc., you can refer to the following link:


To download and install from Google Play, enter the following link:


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