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2024-07-23 03:19

Trendo Website and Trading Platform Update Announcement

Trendo Website and Trading Platform Update Announcement Trendo Website and Trading Platform Update Announcement

Dear Users,

We at Trendo Broker are always striving to enhance your trading experience in the best possible way. Today, we are pleased to announce that we have implemented significant changes and updates on the Trendo website and trading platform that will undoubtedly bring a new and exciting experience for you. In the following, we will introduce these changes.

1. Receiving Special Medals and Points for Loyal Customers

We highly value your loyalty. As a token of our appreciation, Trendo Broker has introduced an exciting program that includes special medals and points for our loyal customers. These rewards are designed to enhance your trading experience and show our gratitude for your continued trust and commitment.

2. Cashback Program Update

In the Cashback program, a percentage of your transaction commission is returned to your account at the end of each trading day. The new Cashback program has 5 different levels, and the benefits increase based on your account balance. For more information, you can visit the Cashback Program page .

3. New Referral Program

With the new Referral Program, you can invite friends to open an account with Trendo Broker and benefit from their transaction commissions. This program allows you not only to earn additional income but also to share your trading experiences with friends. The new program features 5 different levels; as you invite more people and move up the levels, you can enjoy a higher percentage of commissions. This is a unique opportunity for additional earnings and sharing trading insights. For more details, please visit the the Referral Program page .

4. Trading Platform Update

Trendo has provided its users with one of the world's top trading platforms. Now, this professional trading platform has been updated with new tools and features to enhance your trading experience and increase the performance of your trades.

5. Website Update and New Menu Structure

The Trendo website now features a fresh design and more appealing menus. Accessing the services and information you need has never been this simple. Additionally, your personal dashboard has been updated to meet the highest standards, ensuring a pleasant experience when using Trendo’s services.

6. Addition of the Partial Close Feature to the Trendo Trading Platform

The Partial Close feature allows you to close any desired amount of a trade’s volume without the need to close the entire position. This new capability helps you better manage your risks and have more control over your trades.

7. Facilitating the Verification Process

We have simplified and expedited the verification process, allowing you to easily complete your verification and start your activities in financial and forex markets in the shortest possible time.

It’s worth mentioning that in addition to the Referral and Cashback programs, Trendo Broker offers various other incentive programs for its customers, such as Welcome Bonus and a 10% Deposit Bonus . Moreover, you can simultaneously participate in all these incentive programs without any restrictions.

At Trendo Broker, we are always seeking innovative ways to enhance our services. We hope that these new changes will provide you with an enjoyable and profitable trading experience.

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