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2023-04-01 23:11

Can I trade without a Forex Broker?

The answer to "Is it possible to trade without a Forex Broker?" is given in this article.
Can I trade without a Forex Broker? Can I trade without a Forex Broker?

One of the FAQs of people who have just become familiar with the forex market is whether it is possible to trade and buy and sell currency pairs in this market without a forex broker. But before dealing with the subject of this article, i.e., "Can I trade without a Forex broker?", we will have an explanation and definition of "Forex market" and "Forex broker."


Is it possible to enter the forex market without a broker?
What are the traits of a good broker?

Forex means Foreign Exchange Market. In this market, in addition to buying and selling currencies of different countries, you can trade gold, silver, oil, gas, and large and famous US and European companies' shares, such as Apple and Google, some countries' stock market indices, the Dow Jones index, bonds, cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, etc.), and tradable funds. All interested people worldwide and of any age, occupation, income, and capital can be active in this market and earn money. Of course, the condition of working in forex is to acquire adequate knowledge and skills.

Forex brokers are also financial companies or brokerages that act as your intermediary in the Forex market and provide access to market transactions 24/7. In other words, the broker is an intermediary between your transactions and the central core.

Now the question is whether working in forex without a broker is possible or not. So if the question "Can I trade stocks or forex without a broker?" is also relevant to you and you want an exact answer, stay with us until the end of this article.

Is it possible to enter the forex market without a broker?

At first, the forex market was monopolized by the countries' central banks, commercial companies, and institutions, but a little later, the general public could enter as well. But it was necessary to provide a suitable platform for transactions at the micro level, which is why forex brokers came to be. A Broker is the smallest active member in the forex financial market and is a platform for conducting transactions at the retail level. In the definition of this financial institution, we can say that a forex broker is a legal person who is an intermediary between sellers and buyers, or in other words, an intermediary between traders and the forex market. This way, with the advent of the Internet and the advancement of the Internet platform, brokers were created, and people worldwide could enter the forex market and earn money and become a partner in the market's profits and fluctuations.

But is it possible to do transactions in the forex market without brokers?The answer to the question is No. You cannot trade without a broker. Just as you need to register in the DRS, and one of the active and official brokers in the US stock market, you also need brokers to trade in the forex market.

So we learned that brokers provide access to the forex market and transactions for traders. Therefore, if you intend to enter and work in forex, you must register with a good broker with the highest trading facilities and security level.

Opening an account with a broker is almost similar to opening a bank account. The registration process is usually done very quickly and is necessary to provide ID documents and go through the identity verification process. Account opening and authentication in Trendo broker is easy and fast. Download the Trendo trading platform with a click, open an account through the application, and upload your ID documents to get your documents approved in the shortest time possible.

?What are the traits of a good broker

To choose the best forex broker, you must consider criteria and features and then choose the best broker by comparing them to different brokers so that you always do your transactions through that broker. Some of these are as follows:

Having Regulation

Regulation is the license that the broker receives from the regulators or supervisory bodies. So if a broker is regulated, it can be more reliable for investing and making transactions on that broker's platform. Only having a regulation cannot guarantee the credibility of a broker. Having a valid regulation is much more important than having a regulation, but it is important because investors provide their capital to brokers, and there is a possibility of fraud or blocking of funds. So if there is a regulated broker, we must make sure it is under the supervision and we can trust it. The rules of each broker are at the end of the broker's website's main page.

Various language support

Some users are not familiar with the English language and want to work in their preferred language working environment, so various language support may be one of the key criteria in choosing a broker for users.

Minimum spread

The spread is the difference between the supply and demand price, or a currency's buying and selling price, which is paid to the broker in every transaction. Now, the lower the spread in the broker, the better and more economical it will be for the trader. Trendo Broker offers the lowest spread for symbols and starts from zero spread. Click to view the symbols' price spread in Trendo.

Opening a demo and trial account

Considering beginner users do not have experience in financial markets and are not familiar with strategies and platforms, starting their activity on a trial basis for a few months to learn about the spread and commission, account type, and transaction speed of the desired broker is recommended. Trial trades aren't real and are done only to gain more skills. Some brokers offer such services to beginner users as demo accounts.

Requote transactions

At the time of the important news release, the forex market has extreme fluctuations, which is why some brokers do not carry out open trades of traders. But in Trendo, you can make a transaction with comfort instantly and without Requote in any situation.


Slippage is the difference between the order price and the price at which the order is executed. When the market has high volatility, some brokers implement the trader's stop price earlier than the price he chose. Read the "What is Slippage?" article for more information about slippage in forex. Trendo Broker does not have slippage for instant trades.


The overnight interest rate is called a swap. If you keep a transaction open for more than one day, the broker will charge you a swap fee for maintaining your buy or sell position. Read the "What is a Swap?" article to learn more about swaps in forex. Trendo Broker offers the minimum swap for transactions and provides a Swap-free Islamic account for Muslims.

Forex broker software

Broker's trading platform is one of the features you should consider before registering. It is better to have access to the platform through desktop and mobile. The platform is the interface between the trader and the market, so using it without blockages or outages is necessary. In Trendo, you can trade through Trendo's exclusive platform software. We can confidently say that Trendo software is one of the most advanced and best trading platforms.

Capital Depositing & Withdrawing Methods in the broker

One of the key points in choosing a broker is the type of deposit and withdrawal. Each broker has its methods for depositing and withdrawing capital, so before registering with a broker, pay attention to which broker has the best, safest, and fastest method. In some of these brokers, you can deposit with your bank card. There are also online money transfer systems, the most famous of which are Web Money, Perfect Money, etc. You can see the deposit and withdrawal methods and the duration it takes to do it in Trendo Broker.

What is a Broker in Forex What is a Broker in Forex


Buying and selling currency pairs and operating in the forex market is not possible without a forex broker. So, to access Forex market transactions, you must register and authenticate with a good and reliable broker and open a trading account. Forex brokers provide a wide range of trading tools to traders and make it easy for them to access the market at any time.

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