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Financial markets and their trading hours

One of the things that occupy the mind of every new entrant in the financial market is the trading hours of different financial markets, which traders should have the necessary information about.
Financial markets Financial markets
One of the things that occupy the mind of every new entrant in the financial market is the trading hours of different financial markets, which traders should have the necessary information about. To get to know the trading hours of each market, it’s necessary to briefly introduce the market in question. At Trendo, traders can profit from 6 categories of the world's financial markets.

Forex is the largest financial market in the world where investors and traders trade currencies of different countries. In forex, the currency of different countries is defined and traded as a pair. For example, the EURUSD currency pair is the ratio of the European Union currency (Euro) to the US dollar. Traders can buy or sell this symbol.
More than 35 forex currency pairs can be traded in Trendo

Forex trading hours

The forex market opens on Sunday at 22:00 PM(UTC) and trades can be done in it throughout the week until it closes on Friday at 22:00 PM(UTC).


Digital currency or cryptocurrency is a newly emerging financial market that has received a lot of attention and interest from traders and investors in the last few years. Cryptocurrency is a special form of digital money that is created based on cryptography, and this digital money is also called cryptocurrency.
There are more than 20 cryptocurrencies to trade in Trendo

cryptocurrency trading hours

cryptocurrency can be traded 24 hours a day during the week without a holiday in Trendo. One of the unique features of cryptocurrency is that it has no holiday and can be traded at any time of the day or night.

Metals have always been of interest to investors and traders due to their high commercial, industrial and economic value. Many traders and investors are particularly interested in trading metals, including gold and silver, for various reasons.
In Trendo, the four metals gold, silver, palladium and platinum can be traded with the lowest spread rate.

Metals trading hours

Metals are tradable during weekdays, Sunday to Friday from 22:00 PM to 20:55 PM the following day.Trading in Precious metals stops on Sundays and during weekdays between 20:55 PM - 22:00 PM.

The energy market is of interest to many traders and investors to earn profit due to its high liquidity, price fluctuation, and also strong dependence of the world’s economy on it.
In Trendo, there are three symbols of Brent oil, WTI oil, and Natural gas in the energy category that can be traded.

Energy trading hours

Energy trading times, like precious metals, are during the week, Sunday to Friday, from 22:00 PM to 21:00 PM the next day. Also, trading of this symbol stops on Sundays and during weekdays for an hour between 21:00 PM - 22:00 PM.
The stock market index is one of the important parameters that can indicate the state of the stock market and the economy of a country or the world. Therefore, the stock market index is very important for traders and investors, and they are very interested in its transactions. The stock market index is obtained according to the formulas of the companies' shares, and each country can have various stock market indices, each of which has its own efficiency.
In Trendo, there are the world’s 10 important stock market indices that can be traded with the lowest spread and the highest speed.

Index trading hours

Since the stock market of every country has different trading hours, therefore, the stock market index of each country also has different trading hours. So by referring to the index's symbol, you can see the information of the symbol, including the trading hoursIn stock index transactions, one should pay attention to the trading hours of the most important indices. That is, the US stock market indices, such as Dow Jones, Nasdaq, and S&P500, whose trading has many interested parties.

American stock indices are tradable from Sunday at 22:00 PM to Friday at 21:00 PM.In addition to being closed on Sundays and from 21:00 PM to 22:00 PM on weekdays, trading of stock indices is closed and non-tradeable every day for 15 minutes from 21:15 PM to 21:30 PM.

The shares of the world's largest companies have always been attractive to investors and traders, that's why one of the most profitable financial markets in the world is trading the shares of these companies.

In Trendo, more than 20 stock symbols of the world's largest companies can be traded.

Stocks trading hours

The trading hours of the world's largest companies' shares depend on the placement of the company’s shares in the stock markets of the countries. So the trading hours of these companies' shares are proportional to the activity time of the country’s stock market, where the company’s shares are listed.
Most of these companies' shares are traded on the American stock market. So the shares can be traded on weekdays between 13:35 PM and 20:00 PM according to the activity of the American stock market. 


In Trendo each symbol’s trading hours are clear

Every trader should be familiar with the trading hours of the financial markets. Traders in Trendo Broker can see the exact details of each symbol, including the exact trading hours of the symbol. It is enough to click on the symbol you want and see the details. In the picture below, you can see the trading hours of the gold symbol.

Please note that sometimes the trading hours may change due to various reasons, such as the closure of the country's central banks, or the Christmas holidays, etc. In this case, the brokers will inform the traders of these minor changes through the website and social media.

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