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Types of international financial markets and their trading hours

The types of international financial markets and their trading hours are among the things that all forex market traders should know.
Types of international financial markets and their trading hours Types of international financial markets and their trading hours

As a professional trader, it’s essential to acquaint yourself with the different international financial markets and their specific trading hours. This knowledge enables you to capitalize on the diverse trading opportunities available, thereby enhancing the effectiveness of your trading strategies.

In the following sections, we will explore the most prominent international financial markets along with their respective trading hours. Keep reading for valuable insights.


Forex market (FX Market)
Cryptocurrency Market
Precious metals market
Energy market
Stock market and stock indices
Trading hours of symbols in Trendo Broker

Forex market (FX Market)

The Forex market is the largest financial market globally, where currencies from various countries are traded. Essentially, in the Forex market, currencies are paired and traded against each other.

Take the EURUSD currency pair, for instance. It signifies the exchange rate between the Euro (EUR) and the US dollar (USD). Traders engage in buying and selling this currency pair to benefit from its price movements.

By signing up with Trendo Broker, you gain access to trade over 35 forex currency pairs under optimal trading conditions.

Forex market trading hours

The forex market is open in the first half of the year from 23:00 Sunday to 23:00 Friday. Forex is open and tradable from 22:00 Sunday to 22:00 Friday Evening in the year's second half.

Cryptocurrency Market

The Cryptocurrency market represents a burgeoning sector that has garnered significant interest from traders and investors alike in recent years.

At Trendo Broker, you have the opportunity to trade over 20 different cryptocurrencies through a reliable and professional platform.

Cryptocurrency market trading hours

With Trendo Broker, you can engage in cryptocurrency trading at 24/7. One of the unique features of this market is that it is always open, and traders can make their transactions at any time.

Precious metals market

The market for precious metals consistently captivates investors and traders, thanks to its significant commercial, industrial, and economic value.

In this market, the most sought-after trading symbol is global gold (XAUUSD). Beyond gold, traders can also engage in transactions involving silver, palladium, and platinum. These trades are facilitated with minimal spreads and commissions, ensuring an efficient trading experience.

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Precious metals market trading hours

During the first half of the year, trading in precious metals is available on weekdays, with the exception of Friday and Saturday. The trading window opens at 23:00 and closes at 22:00 the subsequent day. In the second half of the year, precious metals can be traded on all days of the week, except for Friday and Saturday & the market is open from 22:00 to 21:00 the following day.

Energy market

The energy market is a focal point for many professional traders because of its high liquidity, notable price volatility, and significant ties to the global economy. It’s important to recognize that this market carries a high level of risk and demands both expertise and proficiency to navigate successfully.

At Trendo Broker, traders have the ability to trade the three principal commodities of this market: Brent oil, West Texas Intermediate (WTI) oil, and natural gas, offering a diverse range of options for those looking to invest in the energy sector.

Energy market trading hours

The energy market shares trading hours with the precious metals market. For the first half of the year, you can trade on all weekdays, barring Friday and Saturday, from 23:00 to 22:00 the next day. During the latter half of the year, the market operates from 22:00 to 21:00 on weekdays, again excluding Friday and Saturday.

Stock market and stock indices

In the stock market, traders can buy and sell shares of different companies and benefit from the annual profits of these companies in addition to price fluctuations.

With Trendo Broker, traders have access to an extensive selection of trading options, including over 20 stocks from leading US corporations and more than 10 of the major global stock indices.

Stock market and stock indices trading hours

Because stock markets of different countries have different trading hours, the shares of companies in this market are also traded in different trading hours.

To know the specific trading hours for a company’s shares, you can consult the description section of the desired symbol on your trading platform. Additionally, the Market24hclock website is a valuable resource for discovering the trading hours of major global stock exchanges.

However, when it comes to stock indices, these are typically traded as CFDs (Contracts for Difference) by brokers, and thus, their trading hours are similar to the energy and precious metals market.

Trading hours of symbols in Trendo Broker

By offering more than 100 trading symbols from various financial markets, Trendo Broker allows traders to have a broader range of trading opportunities. It also helps traders to increase their profitability by better risk management. Trading symbols in Trendo Broker are:

  • Major and minor currency pairs in the forex market
  • More than 15 top cryptocurrencies from the cryptocurrency market
  • 4 symbols of the precious metals market (gold, silver, etc.)
  • More than 15 top stocks from the global stock market
  • Brent oil, crude oil, and natural gas from the energy market
  • More than 8 top indices from the biggest global stock markets

In Trendo Broker, the trading hours of each symbol are shown, and you can find its full details and trading hours by pressing and holding on each symbol. For example, the details of the gold symbol (XAUUSD) and its trading hours in Trendo Broker are shown in the image below.

Trading hours of symbols in Trendo Broker Trading hours of symbols in Trendo Broker

It’s important to note that trading hours for each symbol may occasionally vary due to a range of factors, such as central bank holidays or festive seasons like Christmas. In such events, Trendo Broker proactively communicates any adjustments to trading hours through their website and social media channels.

You can also know these changes by following Trendo Broker on social media platforms (Telegram, Instagram) and the Trendo website .


This article has provided an overview of the different types of financial markets. It’s imperative for you, as a professional trader, to have a thorough understanding of the various international financial markets and their operational hours to maximize the potential gains from the opportunities they present.

Remember, if you encounter any uncertainties or queries while using the Trendo Broker platform, you can always reach out to the broker’s support team for assistance.

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