Opening a CopyTrade Account;
entering a world of attractive profit-making opportunities.

In the CopyTrade account, investors will be connected to the account of a successful and capable trader with a specific fee, and just like the PAMM account, the trader’s transactions (trades) will be exactly copied in the investors’ accounts. In the CopyTrade account, investors pay their subscription fee monthly to the trader, and unlike the PAMM account, the amount of commission received by the account manager is not related to the profit or loss resulting from the transactions.

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CopyTrade account at Trendo Broker

Trendo Broker offers a secure platform for collaboration between investors and traders in CopyTrade accounts. Trendo Broker also provides a space for communication between account managers and investors, enabling investors to select a professional account manager by reviewing trading accounts.

Traders and investors must be careful in choosing a broker for their CopyTrading account, as any issues with the broker’s infrastructure can lead to losses for both parties. The most common problem with brokers offering CopyTrading services is the slow speed of transactions, as any delay in executing trades will be detrimental to investors.

Trendo Broker has addressed this issue by making significant investments in this area, providing the best infrastructure and equipment for traders, enabling them to use the CopyTrading system without delay and under the best conditions. Therefore, traders and investors can use the Trendo CopyTrading platform without worry and experience the unique pleasure of collaboration in trading.

High Speed and Accuracy
In Trendo’s CopyTrade account, transactions are executed with the utmost accuracy, highest speed, and security in the investors’ copy accounts.
Professional and Exclusive Platform
CopyTrade accounts in Trendo are offered on one of the most professional and up-to-date trading platforms in the world for account managers and investors.
Control and Supervision
In Trendo’s CopyTrading system, investors have full control and supervision over their account and can withdraw their profit or stop the collaboration whenever they want.

Opening a CopyTrade trading account for investors

Investors can meticulously analyze the performance of traders’ CopyTrade accounts and choose one or more account managers for their capital to take advantage of this ideal profit-making opportunity.

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Opening a CopyTrade trading account for traders (Account Manager)

Professional traders can demonstrate their trading proficiency and provide suitable returns on the Trendo platform to attract capital. By managing the investors’ CopyTrade accounts, they can enhance their income. Indeed, Trendo's copy trading system offers a suitable and professional environment for professional traders to attract investments.

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Set the terms of cooperation in the CopyTrade account and start trading

Download the Trendo broker trading platform and enter a world of profit-making opportunities in international financial markets.

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