Trendo Broker’s Privacy Policy

Users are obligated to read all the terms of this commitment before registering, and only if they accept it, they should proceed to register with Broker Trendo.
Trendo Broker’s Privacy Policy Trendo Broker’s Privacy Policy

Terms and Conditions for Using Services

1) In line with preserving the privacy of Iranian users at Trendo Company, all activities of these users are within the framework of the laws of Iran.

2) Identity verification is necessary to use Trendo services, and users are required to enter their personal information accurately and correctly. Please note that the consequences of any violation in the registration of identity verification are the responsibility of the user. Trendo Broker reserves the right to deny services to users who violate the terms and, if necessary, will refer them to the relevant authorities for legal proceedings. Additionally, if a user has not completed identity verification, the responsibility lies with the individual.

3) At Trendo Broker, all users commit that after identity verification, they will use the services of this company only for themselves. It should be noted that each user has the right to verify their identity only once.

4) All information, including bank cards and user identity verification documents, must be consistent with each other during the deposit and withdrawal of funds from the account. Otherwise, the deposit and withdrawal from the account will not be possible.

5) Users of Broker Trendo acknowledge that they are aware of the risks associated with financial markets and have invested with knowledge and awareness of this issue. Trendo Company does not bear any responsibility for the profits and losses of users.

6) Negligence in maintaining security information, including email, password, etc., is the responsibility of the user, and the company will not bear any responsibility in this regard.

7) Users are obliged to exercise sufficient care when using the cryptocurrency option for deposit and withdrawal, including choosing the currency, wallet address, transfer network, etc., as cryptocurrency transactions are irreversible. In case of a mistake by the user, Broker Trendo will not assume any responsibility.

8) The company emphasizes to users that when making withdrawals, they must carefully enter their wallet address and the transfer network. This is because if the wallet address is entered incorrectly, all responsibility for blocking capital in the destination wallet will be on the user.

9) Users in Broker Trendo accept that, except for matters related to Trendo, they have no right to any kind of claim, demand, and complaint against Trendo, its managers, employees, and related individuals.

10) If Trendo Broker mistakenly or unjustly credits funds or cryptocurrency to a user’s account, or if there is an error in its calculations, it is authorized at any time to rectify the mistake and withdraw from the user’s accounts without undergoing any administrative or judicial formalities and without obtaining written permission from the committed party (account holder). Trendo’s determination regarding the occurrence of an error or an unauthorized payment and the necessity of withdrawal from the account will be valid, and any objections or claims by users regarding the operation of Trendo Broker will be considered invalid from all aspects.

11) In case of any problem or ambiguity in any of the transactions, Trendo has the right to independently cancel that transaction and return the assets of each party to its own account. It is obvious that if the problem is from Trendo’s side, this company will be obliged to compensate for the damage. Otherwise, the user will not have any right to object or claim regarding the performance of Trendo.

12) In the event of misuse of the referral code (friend invitation code), the user will bear full responsibility, and Trendo reserves the right to block the offending account and invalidate the referral code.

13) Broker Trendo guarantees that it will keep users’ assets in trust and preserve them in the best possible way and with the highest possible security standards. In case of any security issue, Trendo will be committed to compensating for the damage.

Identity Verification Process

To comply with anti-money laundering regulations, all users are required to proceed with their identity verification. The verification of users’ identities is carried out in four stages with the submission of the relevant documents.

1) Mobile Phone Number Verification: By entering your mobile number, a verification code will be sent to users. Then, by entering the code in the relevant field, your mobile number will be verified. Users must be careful when entering their mobile number, as it will be one of the means of communication used by Trendo to contact users in case of any issues.

2) Email Address Verification: Following that, by entering your email address, a verification code will be sent to the user. Then, by entering the code in the designated field, your email will be verified. Users must be careful when entering their email address, as it will be one of the means of communication used by Trendo to contact users in case of any issues.

3) National ID Number Verification: At this stage, by uploading a high-quality photo of the national ID card, the user's national ID number will be verified.

4) Bank card or account verification: The deposit and withdrawal from the user's bank account or card are checked each time, so the provided bank account information must match the user's national card. After verifying the bank card or account, the user will be able to deposit and withdraw to their account in Broker Trendo.

5) Address Verification: Providing a residential address by the user is mandatory. At this stage, the user’s documents are reviewed by identity verification experts. The required documents can include utility bills such as electricity, water, or gas, as well as a house ownership deed or rental agreement.

Trendo Broker commits to its users that it will not share personal user information such as bank cards, residential addresses, identification cards, and user activities on the Trendo trading platform with any organization, and it will remain confidential within the company. Broker Trendo stores the personal information of users at the address The owner of this internet address is Broker Trendo.