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Before registering, users must read all the terms of this agreement and register only if they accept it
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Terms and conditions of use services

Before registering, users must read all the terms of this agreement and register only if they accept it

  • Authentication is necessary to use Trendo Services, and users are required to enter their personal information accurately and correctly. The consequences of violating the authentication registration are the responsibility of the user.
  • Trendo has the right to deny the use of the Services to users who violate the regulations and, if necessary, will refer them to the relevant authorities for legal action.
  • At the reputed Trendo company, all users agree to use this company's services only for themselves after authentication.
  • Note that each user has the right to authenticate only once. If users do not do so, they will be responsible for the consequences.
  • All information, including the bank card (debit card) and the user's identity verification documents, must match when withdrawing.
  • Trendo users confirm that they are aware of the risks associated with the financial markets and have invested with knowledge and awareness of these issues. Trendo Company is not responsible for the profits and losses of the users.
  • Negligence in maintaining security information, including email, password, etc., is the user's responsibility, and the company bears no responsibility for this matter. (Trendo advises its users to use complex passwords)
  • When using the cryptocurrency option, the user is responsible for the withdrawal, and the company bears no responsibility.
    (The company urges users to enter their wallet address carefully when withdrawing. Because if the wallet address is entered incorrectly, the user will be responsible for blocking the money in the destination wallet address)
  • Withdrawal requests are done between 15 minutes and 48 hours.
  • Trendo Users agree that they have no right to make any claim, inquiry, or complaint against Trendo, its managers, employees, and related people, except in matters concerning Trendo.
  • If Trendo wrongly or incorrectly transfers funds or cryptocurrencies to a user account or makes an error in its calculations, it is allowed to correct the mistake and withdraw from the user's accounts without any administrative and judicial procedures or receiving written permission from the account owner. Trendo's assessment for a mistake's occurrence or unjust payment and the need to withdraw from the account will be valid. (Any objection or claim from users regarding how Trendo operates is invalid in every way.)
  • In case of any problem or ambiguity in any of the transactions, Trendo has the right to independently cancel the transaction and return each party's assets to their account. It is clear that if the problem is from Trendo's side, this company will be obliged to compensate for the damage. Otherwise, the user has no right to make any objections or claims regarding how Trendo operates.
  • In case of misuse of the referral code, full responsibility lies with the user, and Trendo has the right to close the violator's account and cancel the referral code.
  • Trendo guarantees that users' assets will be kept safe with them in the best way and with the highest possible security standards. In the event of any security problem, Trendo will be obliged to compensate for the damage.

Authentication process

To comply with anti-money laundering laws, all users must confirm their identity. Users' identities are verified in four steps by providing relevant documents.

  • Phone number verification: after inputting the phone number, users will receive a confirmation code, then by entering the code in Trendo, the number will be verified.
    Users must be careful when entering the number because one of the ways Trendo communicates with users when a problem occurs will be via the phone number provided.
  • ID number verification: In this step, by uploading a high-quality photo of the ID card, the user's ID number will be verified.
  • Bank account or card verification: Withdrawals and deposits made from the user's bank account or (debit)card are reviewed in this step, and they must match the ID card provided by the user.
    Users can deposit and withdraw from their Trendo accounts after completing this step.
  • Address verification: The user is obligated to provide an address. At this stage, the user's documents are analyzed by authentication experts. The required documents can include electricity bills, water bills, gas bills, and a house title deed.

Trendo is committed to the users by not providing their personal information such as bank card, residence, ID card, and user's activities in the Trendo software to any organization and to keep it safe within the company. Trendo company stores users' personal information at Trendo is the owner of this web address.