Terms and rules of Copy Trade and PAMM accounts

Learn about the terms and rules of PAMM and Copy Trade accounts
 Copy Trade and PAMM accounts Copy Trade and PAMM accounts

PAMM account

  • Trendo's PAMM account is a well-equipped and reliable service that provides safe partnership with specific rules between investors and traders in the company's exclusive platform.PAMM account is a service created by professional traders with specific rules under the supervision of brokers, and investors can invest in this type of account to gain more profit.
  • In exchange for trading copies, investors pay the traders a specified and agreed-upon part of the positive results of their trades in a certain period of time as a fee.
  • In the PAMM account, when the outcome of the investors' trades is not positive in a certain time frame, the trader does not receive a fee from the investors.

Copy Trade account

  • Trendo's copy trade account is a new and unique service provided by Trendo's technical team. In this service provided in the Trendo platform, investors can invest in the copy trade accounts of professional traders.
  • In the copy trade account, investors pay a certain amount as a monthly subscription fee to the traders for their membership.
  • In the copy trade account, just like the PAMM account, the trades made by the trader are copied in the investor's account.

Copy Trade and PAMM account manager

  • Traders with high skill, knowledge, experience and positive performance in trading can create PAMM or Copy Trade accounts and are known as PAMM and Copy Trade account managers. These individuals can earn additional income on top of their trades' profits in exchange for their trade copies in the investors' account.

Investors of Copy Trade and PAMM accounts

  • Irndividuals with not enough experience and knowledge in trading or who have time limits and do not want to trade in the financial market can invest in PAMM or copy trade accounts of successful traders with positive performance in the desired amount and make profits.

PAMM and Copy Trade account manager's initial capital

  • In Trendo Broker, traders must first deposit $500 as initial capital in their account to open a PAMM or Copy Trade account. The initial amount will be deposited in the PAMM or Copy Trade account's wallet.
  • The initial capital in these accounts is tradable with low leverage, and profits are withdrawable. Receiving the initial asset from traders is due to compliance with capital management and not making high-risk trades in PAMM and Copy Trade accounts.
  • In Trendo Broker, the original sum received by PAMM and Copy Trade account holders is not withdrawable while the account is active. And if the investor's account becomes zero, it will be divided among the investors as part of the compensation.  
  • Note that the initial amount is changeable by the PAMM and copy trade account managers according to the capital amount and number of investors for the capital management incentive.

Interest percentage or PAMM account manager's fee

  • When traders open a PAMM account, proportional to the amount that investors invest, they decide their percentage of profit from the profitable trades during the specified time frame of their account. This percentage is changeable in the profile at any time.
  • Investors read the PAMM account manager's fee terms before choosing the desired PAMM account. The PAMM account manager's fee is charged for profitable trades during a certain period, and if the outcome of the trades is not positive, no fee is awarded to the manager.
  • The investment account manager's fee is deposited into his PAMM wallet on the 1st of every month.

Copy Trade account manager's fee

  • Copy trade account traders specify their monthly subscription fee when opening a copy trade account. When investors choose a trader's copy trade account, they invest an amount monthly as a wage to the manager's account. 
  • The copy trade account manager's fee is deducted monthly from the investor's account and deposited in the copy trade wallet.

PAMM and Copy Trade wallet

  • The PAMM and Copy Trade account managers' fees deposit automatically in the PAMM and Copy Trade wallet.
  • Also, the initial capital for opening a PAMM and Copy Trade account will be deposited into these accounts' wallets.

Trades' control and supervision by the investor

  • Investors have access to all trades done in their accounts by PAMM and Copy Trade account managers, and they can monitor and control all the trades.
  • Because all trades are copied into the investors' accounts, to manage their accounts, they can close a position whenever they want.
  • Also, investors can withdraw their profits whenever they want.

The investment account Suspension

  • It is easy to stop the partnership and investment in any PAMM or Copy Trade account, and the investors can end their membership whenever they want. For Re-membership in the PAMM or Copy Trade account, the investor must register again in the desired accounts.

Investors' deposit and withdrawal

  • The deposit and withdrawal rules for investors are similar to the main accounts, which you can read in the site's deposit and withdrawal section.
  • Note that the PAMM and Copy Trade account manager does not have the right to withdraw from the investors' accounts.

Investors' trading volume

  • Trendo's PAMM and Copy Trade account system copies the balance and trading volume of the PAMM account manager in the investment account. It means the balance and trading volume proportion copies into the investor's account. In other words, any capital management that the account manager observes happens in the investor's account.

Investment ratio

  • To control the risk and preserve their capital, investors can set the trading volume ratio for the trades made in their accounts. For example, an investment ratio of 0.5 means that the trading volume on the investor's account and the investor's profit and loss are halved.

PAMM and Copy Trade account managers' activity chart and ranking

  • In Trendo broker, investors can check the ranking, conditions, and details of each PAMM and Copy Trade account from the "Signal" section and make various investments in the best PAMM or Copy Trade account.
  • The PAMM and Copy Trade accounts' details in Trendo include information such as membership terms, point and account rank, number of investors in each account, account balance chart, remaining account balance, maximum loss, maximum profit, number of profitable trades, number of unprofitable trades, and in which symbols the trade was made, along with the percentage of trades made, etc.

PAMM and Copy Trade account's risks

  • Note that past positive activities in PAMM and Copy Trade accounts are not a guarantee for earning a guaranteed income in the future, and financial markets have risks.
  • Traders and investors should be aware of the terms and risks of financial markets before starting a partnership.

Trendo’s right to check the traders and investors’ accounts

  • In case of conflict between investors and traders, Trendo has the right to review and arbitrate the matter.
  • In case of PAMM and Copy Trade account services’ misuse by any of the parties (account manager and investors) Trendo has the right to review the accounts and the consequences of any misuse of PAMM and Copy Trade account services are the responsibility of the users.


Trendo Company has only provided a safe and efficient platform for partnership between investors and traders and has no role or activity in conducting and managing trades. Trendo always recommends capital management to traders and investors and reminds them of the financial markets risk.