Friend Invitation Plan

Special opportunity to earn with Trendo Broker: Invite friends and receive rewards
Friend Invitation Plan Friend Invitation Plan

We are pleased to inform our valued customers that Trendo Broker has launched an incentive plan for inviting your friends to join the Trendo trading platform. You can benefit from the transaction commissions of your friends who open an account in Trendo Broker by your invitation. This plan gives you the opportunity to not only earn extra income, but also share your trading experiences with your friends.

Plan Details:

Amateur Level (less than 10 successful invitations): 5% return on transaction commissions

Silver Level (10 successful invitations): 7% return on transaction commissions

Gold Level (25 successful invitations): 10% return on transaction commissions

Platinum Level (100 successful invitations): 15% return on transaction commissions

IB Level (250 successful invitations): 25% return on transaction commissions

After a successful registration and your friends’ transactions, a percentage of their transaction commission will be allocated to you. By increasing the number of people invited and advancing to higher levels, you will benefit from a greater percentage of commissions.

Rules of the Invite Friends Program:

1) It is worth mentioning that in addition to registering through the invitation link, your friends can also register as your subordinates by entering your unique invitation code in the subscription code section within the account settings.

2) Please note that the invited individuals will only become your subordinates if they make a minimum deposit. In fact, those invited by you to Trendo Broker will not be displayed under your subordinates until they make the minimum deposit into their account, but as soon as they do, they will be placed under your subordinates.

3) Depending on your user level, a specific percentage of your friends’ transaction commissions will be deposited daily into your wallet account at the end of the trading day at 12:30 AM or 01:30 AM (due to daylight saving time changes).

4) The rewards from inviting friends will be deposited into your wallet account, and you will have the option to trade with these amounts. However, please note that the minimum withdrawal amount in this program is $10.

5) The commission amount for transactions in Trendo Broker is $6 per lot. Therefore, depending on your level in this program, a percentage of this amount will be deposited into your account. For example, if you are at the Platinum level and the invited individuals from your side have collectively made 200 lots of transactions, a $48 reward will be deposited into your account.

6) You cannot register your own referral code for your account, as this violates Trendo Broker’s rules.

7) To support individuals who introduce Trendo Broker to their friends and acquaintances, the Trendo referral code is non-changeable. If someone registers as your subordinate, they will no longer be able to change their referral code.

8) Please be aware that Trendo Company reserves the right to review your subordinates for verification purposes. If misuse is detected, Trendo Broker has the right to suspend the subordinate or subordinates and block any amounts obtained from this scheme without any notice. Verification at Trendo Broker is performed by artificial intelligence based on multiple parameters, including IP address and the user’s system type.

9) The Invite Friends program can be used simultaneously with other incentive programs offered by Trendo Broker, such as the Cashback, Welcome Bonus, and Deposit Bonus programs. There are no restrictions on utilizing multiple incentive programs provided by Trendo Broker.

How to Invite the Friends:

Log into the Trendo app and click on the Invite & Earn Rewards option in the menu.

Share your invitation link with your friends through the Share option.

After your friends register and open an account, a percentage of their transaction commissions will be credited to your account.

In the second method, you can share only your unique invitation code with your friend. In this case, your friends can register as your subordinates by entering your unique invitation code in the subscription code section within the account settings.

At Trendo Broker, we are committed to providing you with the best services, and the Invite Friends program is an example of this commitment. This program allows you to have a continuous and steady income, giving you the necessary motivation to be active in the Forex market.

Take advantage of this exceptional opportunity and send your invitation link today.