Market Tutorial

Financial markets have risks, and if you enter the trading world without training, there is a possibility of losing your capital, so the first step to start trading and investing is proper training.
  • Fundamental analysis in forex and learning fundamental analysis

    2023-02-14 13:55

    Introduction and review of fundamental analysis in forex and learning fundamental analysis
  • Forex analysis types and the best analysis method

    2023-02-12 21:06

    Introducing various analysis methods in the forex market and reviewing the best forex market analysis methods
  • Margin call and Stop Out in Forex

    2023-01-23 18:21

    Trading in financial markets has its own rules; Margin Call and Stop Out are among the most important rules in the financial markets.
  • What is a PAMM account?

    2022-12-28 16:11

    PAMM account is a popular service in the forex market where investors and traders make great and profitable partnerships by using this account.
  • What is margin in forex?

    2022-11-29 20:54

    There are some technical terms in forex trading. Margin is part of the forex market's basic concepts, and phrases such as free margin, leverage, etc, are related to margin.
  • What is Lot?

    2022-11-27 11:15

    One of the most important primary and practical concepts in the forex market is the trading volume or Lot.
  • Types of orders in Forex

    2022-11-24 18:02

    Trading in the Forex market takes two forms: market order and  pending order.
  • What is swap?

    2022-11-21 20:58

    In the forex market, a swap is applied based on the difference in bank interest rates between two currencies for positions open more than one day.
  • What is Pip?

    2022-11-21 02:06

    One of the most basic and practical concepts in financial markets, including Forex, is Pip.
  • What is leverage?

    2022-11-20 18:46

    Leverage is one of the Forex market's appealing concepts and tools.